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KNK reveals teaser videos for “Rain” from their upcoming album ‘GRAVITY, Completed’

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After revealing the release schedule and the first set of handsome, classy teaser photos, KNK reveals two more teasers!  This time around, the teasers are for the title track of GRAVITY, Completed, “Rain”.

You Jin and Seung Jun star in the first two teasers, both of which feature the rain background and a classy sound.  Seung Jun’s teaser shows him out in the rain with a more ‘jazz’ feel, while You Jin is running through a building and eventually gets pulled into a room.  Both clips end with the boys being dropped into the water.

Check out the teaser below and stay tuned for more!

UPDATE: KNK has released Ji Hun, In Seong, and Hee Jun’s version of the “Rain” teasers.

In Hee Jun’s trailer video, he can be seen crying in doors and out in the rain, rather frustrated with something. Ji Hun seems to be crying in a flooding room as he can’t get the water to go down.  In Seong plays piano in a wet tunnel before falling into the water.

UPDATE: The group has released a teaser video featuring all of the guys.

In this clip, the group is standing side by side under their individual umbrellas as rain pours down on them.  They each look into the camera with no expression on their face while soft music, featuring horns, plays in the background.

Check it out below!


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