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KNK takes on the grueling task of streaming for 12 straight hours!

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KNK is a 5 member group under YNB Entertainment.  They’ve been around since February of 2017 and released their official debut album on March 3, of 2016.  The group recently undertook the grueling task of streaming for 12 straight hours on V-Live and setting a record!

There was so much in the video, it’s really hard to sum it up!

First and foremost, I want the little dog in the video.  It appeared periodically and was absolutely adorable.  Second, their camping setup was pretty adorable.  The tent with the lights all streamed across it was cute and gave it a real ‘camp’ feel despite it being indoors.

Those V-Live light sticks were insanely cool and throughout the video, the KNK boys kept playing with them.

In the 12 hours they streamed, they played quite a few games, including Jenga, Twister (which was hilarious), and video games.  Twister ended up just being a butt shot since someone’s booty was always right front and center on the screen.  They also ate continuously!  I ended up having to pause as I scrolled through to go and grab food multiple times because it was making me hungry.

The highlight of the video – the Mickey Mouse PJ’s.

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