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Female Rapper ARTLOVER Announces Release Of Debut Track

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Korean female rapper ARTLOVER’s debut track “Want U Back” will be available for digital download on March 2, 2018.

This new rapper, located in London, is a South Korean native who has a background as a make-up artist.  From ELLE to Vogue, she found success with the fashion industry before deciding to jump into the music industry.

Based on her preview on SoundCloud, the artist says that “I really wanted my debut single to shine, and I’ve always thought in terms of music when working with fashion, so it was natural to take this route”.

Her debut single, “Want U Back” has a distinct retro vibe with an energetic beat. The track starts off with a slow intro that brings you straight into the catchy beat as ARTLOVER takes the stage with her steady paced raps.  Rapping isn’t the only thing to expect from this artist, as there’s a lovely mix of ‘spoken song’ mixed in.   The track itself was developed as a result of a collaboration between producer Tae-Seop Lee from JYP Entertainment.

ARTLOVER isn’t just a makeup artist and rapper, she’s also an artist!  She designed the cover below, the beautiful boots, by hand on paper!

Check out her debut single below and stay tuned for the digital single to be available on March 2, 2018.

Fall in love with the music? Stay tuned for ARTLOVER’s EP due to release later in 2018.

Follow her social media!  Check her out at the links below.


Artlover debut track


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