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LABOUM Reveal Performance Music Video Teaser For “Between Us”

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Update July 25, 2018:

LABOUM released the performance teaser for their upcoming return with Between Us. Check it out below!

Update July 19, 2018:

LABOUM reveals the track list for their upcoming single album, Between Us.  The album will contain the track “between Us” along with an instrumental version of the song.  The single album will also include another track titled “Love Game”.  Check out LABOUM’s track list for Between Us below.

laboum-between-us-tracklistUpdate July 17, 2018:

Yujeong features in the next stunning teaser image for LABOUM’s return.

YujeongUpdate July 16, 2018:

LABOUM released a new teaser of Soyeon along with a slight change to their release date.  The group’s comeback has been postponed to July 27, 2018. in order to improve the overall quality of the album.

Check out the teaser below.

SoyeonUpdate July 13, 2018:

Haein is the next beautiful member to have her teaser released!  Check it out below.

haeinUpdate July 12, 2018:

LABOUM continues to drop gorgeous teasers, with the latest teaser image featuring ZN!  Check it out below.

laboum znOriginal Article:

On July 10, 2018, LABOUM dropped a surprise teaser image with the phrase “Between Us” and “Coming Soon 07.24” on it.

Well, ladies and gentlemen, it’s been confirmed that the teaser marks their return after a full year of no new music from the group!

LABOUM will be releasing a brand new single titled “Between Us” written by member Soyeon.  The group will be releasing their new single on July 24, 2018, and have started their teasers off with member Solbin.

Check out the teasers below and stay tuned.

laboumsolbinLaboum Between Us Teasers


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