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LABOUM graces us with a highlight medley for Miss This Kiss

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LABOUM has just dropped their highlight medley for their second mini album, Miss This Kiss.  They previously released a music video teaser for their title track, “Hwi Hwi“, but now we get to hear snippets from all the songs on the album!


The album starts off with a very ‘refreshing’ sounding introduction.  It reminded me a lot of those morning songs that they played on older cartoons.  It then moves into the title track, “Hwi Hwi”, which is upbeat and fun.  The third song, “Story Travel”, is probably my favorite on the album.  It’s almost a speak-easy style with more spoken sounding vocals.  The fourth track is super sweet sounding, and fits the normal ‘girl’ image.  The fifth track is cute, but I wish I could’ve heard more of it!  The album closes out with a great instrumental version of “Hwi Hwi”.

The full album is going to be released on April 17, 2017.

Also, be sure to check out their photo teasers!


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