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LABOUM’s Agency makes a statement regarding Soyeon being rushed to the hospital

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LABOUM recently made their comeback with Miss This Kiss, and have been participating in various shows to perform their title track, “Hwi Hwi”.  On April 26, 2017, before going on stage for MBC Music’s “Show Champion”, Soyeon was showing signs of fatigue and had sever nosebleeds.  The agency had an emergency meeting, but Soyeon pushed to go on stage and perform the show.

Eventually, the order of performances were changed and after the girls performed, Soyeon and her manager went to the emergency room.

After her checkup, her agency reported that “The examination results show that there aren’t any major issues with Soyeon’s health. She was told that she should be examined by an otorhinolaryngologist.”.  They also released a statement stating that due to the kindness and generosity of those performing on Show Champion, she was able to complete her performance.

Hopefully she rests and feels better soon!


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