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Ladies’ Code Sojung Reveals Teaser Video And Images For “Crystal Clear”

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Update March 7, 2018:

Check out the latest teaser clip for Stay Here along with the 5th countdown video clip.


Along with the clip, she also released a teaser image and a quote.

At the edge of spring, shallow end of winter, The ‘Goddess of Spring’, Sojung is coming with ‘Stay Here’, tinged with greenish hue.

Sojung Crystal Clear

Update March 6, 2018:

The latest video teaser features the text ‘My gaze that hides behind the cloud gets darker and darker like it’s trying to hide me’.  Check out the teaser clip below.

Along with that, she’s released a music video teaser clip.

 Update March 4, 2018:

Sojung revealed her second lyric teaser for her upcoming release.  Check it out below!

Update March 3, 2018:

Sojung released some beautiful lyric posters for her upcoming track ‘Stay Here”.  The moving poster contains a lovely snippet of the track paired with the lyrics “In this dream, your scent embraces me, your full smile holds me”.

Check out the moving poster below!

Sojung Crystal Clear Sojung Crystal Clear Sojung Crystal Clear Sojung Crystal Clear

Update February 26, 2018:

Ladies’ Code Sojung looks ethereal in her newest teasers for Stay Here.  The jacket images are hazy and almost mythical looking.

Check them out below!

Sojung Crystal Clear Sojung Crystal Clear

Update February 24, 2018:

Ladies’ Code Sojung revealed the track list for her new single album, Stay Here.  The album will contain two tracks, “Stay Here” and “Crystal Clear”.

Check out the track list below!

Sojung Crystal Clear

Original Article:

Ladies’ Code Sojung is preparing to make her solo comeback!

Her new track “Crystal Clear” features Paper Planet and will be released on March 5, 2018.  The mini album, Stay Here will features that track.  So far, she’s released two stunning teaser images along with a teaser video previewing the solo track.

Check out the music video teaser and images below and stay tuned for the release on March 5, 2018.

Sojung Crystal Clear Sojung Crystal Clear

Sojung Crystal Clear


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