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New Boy Group, Like a Movie, Makes Their Debut With “Twilight”

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Ladies and gentlemen, there’s a new boy group in town!

The group, Like a Movie, made their debut recently with the track “Twilight”.  The track mixes sleek and sexy with a subtle wave of energy.  Their vocals and dance moves are showcases well int he various scenes of the music video as it moves from bright indoor sets to outdoor arial views.

The group watch to make their way to fame by moving the publish and have folks talking about them, much like they would do with a movie.

The track itself is more of an electro fun track that features fun synths, guitar, and a ear catching rhythm. Member Domo took charge in creating the choreography while member Ho wrote lyrics and helped compose the track.

Watch Like a Movie make their debut with “Twilight” below.

Like a movie twilight


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