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LoKo teamed up with Feel Korea to have a dance workshop with SNUPER!

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London KPop Dance Works is a team of people who aim to show people in the UK various dance routines from all your favorite K-Pop songs.  They occur once a month and are only £10 for the entire day.

This past event, they welcome some special guests that made many of their dancers swoon; Snuper.  The boys patiently greeted and worked with the group and individuals to teach them the difficult choreography of “Not Today” by BTS.

That’s not all though.  Everyone in attendance was invited to do a mini fan meet and take pictures with the boys and each person received a free signed album!

Check out the video below, and keep your dreams that this might happen to you alive!

LoKo’s workshops were started by Tammy and Caroline on September 5, 2011 and have been running strong since then!  They compete in cover dances and show of their moves on various TV programs.


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