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Lovelyz reveal their highlight medley for their upcoming album Fall in Lovelyz

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We certainly will fall in love with the beautiful group, Lovelyz, after hearing their highlight medley for Fall in Lovelyz.  The 7 track album is certainly worth taking the time to preview.

The girls slowed it down a notch and incorporated more of a sweet tone into their newest album, if the previews are anything to go on.  The entire preview has a very ‘New Years” style vibe, especially when paired with the beautiful teaser images that cycle through as the clip continues.

Fans are falling in love with the snippets of harmony throughout the preview.  For those who can’t read Korean, the title’s of the tracks are as follows;
01. Spotlight
02. Twinkle
03. Triangle
04. Just
05. Fallin’
06. Secret Garden
07. A Sleepy Dream

Stay tuned for November 14, 2017 and check out the preview below!

Lovelyz Fall in Lovelyz Preview


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