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Kpop M.A.P6

M.A.P6 announces “I’m ready” with their latest single

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After dropping various teasers for their upcoming 3rd single album, Momentum, M.A.P6 is back!  Their title track, “I’m Ready” talk about a man ready to give it all for the woman he cares about.  The track itself was produced by Duble Sidekick.

The video features a mix of dance tracks and the boys sitting, more like staring, at the lovely lady serving as their love interest.  The video has a police theme, though more subtle, with the boys ‘interrogating’ the lady, hanging out around a board that looks a lot like a board you’d see on a murder drama, and dancing in a jail!

The song is catchy as all hell, with the hook “I’m Ready” really standing out, especially near the end when they start belting it out beautifully!  The vocals are really smooth throughout the track too.

I’m a big fan of the costumes in this video.  They’re a mix of casual with a little bit of ‘bad boy’ thrown in.  They also work really well when it switches to the blacklight and the boys are dancing.

Check out the video below, you’ll definitely enjoy it!


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