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Kpop M.O.N.T

M.O.N.T releases pre-debut single “Sorry”

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M.O.N.T is currently a 3 member group consisting of Roda, Narachan, and Bitseon.  The group will be expanded to 5 members in time for their official debut in February of 2018 under Fly Music Entertainment.  They’ve been quite active getting their name out and communicating with fans on their various accounts;





The group dropped a pre-debut single titled “Sorry”, and the boys said that if they can get the video to at least 20k views, they’re going to do a special event for the fans!  In the next year, they will add the 4th member and release a single followed by the 5th member’s addition and their debut.

Check out their track “Sorry” below!

UPDATE: In just a couple months, MONT has hit 20,000 views on their single “Sorry”!  As promised, the boys have a special event planned.  They will be celebrating on Instagram live with a hamburger eating contest with a special guest, Billy from England, and will sing three songs in their normal broadcast.  Those three tracks will be uploaded to YouTube and it’s up to fans to vote on which suits them best!



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