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MAMAMOO Drop The Highlight Medley For Their Upcoming Album ‘Red Moon’

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Update July 15, 2018:

MAMAMOO drop the beautiful highlight medley for their upcoming return with Red Moon.  Take a listen to the stunning previews below.

Update July 13, 2018:

Moonbyul and all of the ladies feature in the next video teasers for the group’s return!  Watch these gorgeous ladies below.

Update July 12, 2018:

The next gorgeous video teaser, this time for Wheein, was released.  Watch this stunning member of MAMAMOO below.

Update July 11, 2018:

MAMAMOO dropped Hwasa’s music video teaser for her upcoming return.

Update July 10, 2018:

MAMAMOO drop the group teaser for the return with Red Moon.

mamamoo-teaserUpdate July 9, 2018:

MAMAMOO released the track list for their upcoming return with Red Moon.  Check it out below.

red-moon-track-listUpdate July 7, 2018:

Wheein features in the next stunning teaser released by MAMAMOO for their comeback with Red Moon.

Check it out below.

wheeinUpdate July 6, 2018:

Solar is the next member to feature in teaser images for Red Moon.

Check it out below.

solarUpdate July 5, 2018:

Moonbyul is the next MAMAMOO member to have her individual teaser released for the group’s upcoming return with Red Moon.

moonbyulUpdate July 4, 2018:

MAMAMOO released the concept photo for Hwasa!  Take a look at the gorgeous teaser below.

hwasaUpdate July 3, 2018:

MAMAMOO are rocking tropical looks in the first concept photo for their return with Red Moon.  Check it out below.

mamamoo-redmoonUpdate July 2, 2018:

MAMAMOO dropped the teaser schedule for their upcoming return with Red Moon.  The upcoming album is set to release on July 16, 2018, along with the title track’s music video.

Check out the schedule below.

MAMAMOO-red-moonUpdate July 1, 2018:

We have another teaser from MAMAMOO!  The group might be dropping a special pre-release track before their summer return, or at least we hope they might be.

The group dropped a close up shot with a teary eye and the text “Rainy Season”.

MAMAMOO’s comeback is slated for July 16, 2018, but there’s something else coming soon!  Check out the teaser below.

MAMAMOO-2Original Article:

MAMAMOO will be dropping something new soon!

The group dropped a teaser image on June 25, 2018, featuring the 4 lovely ladies walking away from the photographer in summer themed outfits.

No details have been released yet, but stay tuned for more and check out the teaser below.



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