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MAMAMOO Make Their Fiery Return With Their Music Video For “Egotistic”

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Update July 27, 2018:

MAMAMOO release the beautiful dance practice for their latest track “Egotistic”.  The track was originally released just a couple weeks ago, and since it’s release, fans have been waiting patiently for the dance practice to be dropped!  Check out MAMAMOO’s sexy new moves in the dance practice below.

Update July 19, 2018:

MAMAMOO take fans behind the scenes of their latest music video “Egotistic”, see the video below.  Watch these girls in all their glory in the behind the scenes footage below.

Original Article:

MAMAMOO members are absolutely on fire in their summer comeback!

These ladies don’t shy away from their sexy sides, and their new music video for the title track of Red Moon, “Egotistic” certainly emphasizes that.

“Egotistic” pulled latin style guitar riffs into a reggaeton feel.  Written by Park Woo Sang and Kim Do Hoon, the track talks about thinking of a significant other that only spends time thinking of themselves.

The sleek track mixes the classy style the girls are known for with their powerful vocals and embracing of the more sexualized things.  The movements and scenes pull from more latin style videos and dancing and are just fun and energetic.  There’s even a jaguar featured in the video!

Watch MAMAMOO return with “Egotistic” below.

MAMAMOO Egotistic MV


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