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MAMAMOO shows off their best sides on “Yes I Am” music video

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MAMAMOO is back with their latest album, Purple featuring the powerful title track “Yes I Am”.   Their powerful voices will serenade you as they show off their confidence and pose in the music video.  The entire clip is bold, bright, and fun, which is absolutely perfect for the summer.

The girls are blunt and confident in their lyrics, which is a nice change of pace.  They don’t go for the cute, the pretty, and the appealing, but instead they state that “there are a woman who has confidence” and encourage other women to follow in their footsteps.  They state that they are natural, and they are okay with that.  It’s especially apparent in;

I like my face whics is more rounded edges than V-line

Only my some special thing

I like the shape of my eyes more than double eyelids

When I smile, I wrinkle my nose

And I can see a dimples, Really good



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