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MarianneDraws never ceases to amazing with some realistic speedpaints

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Welcome to another installment of OSKP’s art feature!  This time around, we’re covering an artist who walks you from start to finish on how they get from a simple line drawing to a beautiful, almost real looking piece of K-Pop heaven.

MarianneDraws, an artist who posts various videos on YouTube, does a large variety of different pieces.  From black and white to color, there’s no discrimination there!  Primarily, they cover BTS, but there are a few from NCT and others.

Each piece is accompanied by some lovely music too, so you’ll definitely want to listen as you watch.

We got a chance to interview MarianneDraws and get more information about them!

Question – What inspired you to dedicate the time to make these pieces?

Answer – I wanted to start creating animations as I have always loved watching animated films and videos. I really want to become a great animator one day so making these videos really helps me learn the process of it all.

Question – Who’s your bias group?

Answer – BTS

Question – What medium do you prefer?

Answer – I spend most of my time using digital mediums but I also love the traditional pen and paper.

Question – If you could say anything to your favorite idol, what would it be?

Answer – My favourite idol is Min Yoongi from BTS and I would love to tell him that he is such a big inspiration to me and many other people and that I hope he continues to write and create songs full of meaning and his life stories.

Ironically, the video above is where we first saw their work!  That lead to some binge watching and digging!  Their Instagram contains even more work not featured on their YouTube channel.

Check out their social media:




As always, OSKP is always on the hunt for fantastic artists to feature!  Give us a shout out on Facebook or Twitter if you’re interested!

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