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B.I.G Kpop M.A.P6 Matilda Shows

MATILDA isn’t afraid of being a little bit different and shows off their own style on Weekly Idol Episode 312

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Weekly Idol Episode 312 featured Matilda, MAP6, and B.I.G, and while normally fans complain about girl groups drifting off into the background, it wasn’t the case in this episode.

The girls didn’t hold back in their first introductory performance, and that definitely set the stage for the rest of the show.  From dancing machine Saebyul, to the butt wiggling races, they didn’t hold back!

The boys definitely got to show off their best sides too!  Benji from B.I.G showed off an amazing cover on violin for EXO’s “Monster” while his members danced alongside him.  That transitioned into an adorable cover of TWICE’s “Signal” followed by a hip wiggling violin player that had the hosts cracking up.

Let’s not forget MAP6 looking like the long lost members of Girl’s Day with their covers!

Their treble competition was probably one of the highest pitched ones yet too!


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