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Cross Gene Mirror Album Overview by One Stop K-Pop

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On February 8, 2017, Cross Gene released their album Mirror featuring 4 tracks and one glorious music video that is actually set to the view ranking of people over the age 19!  This is the first album they’ve released since their January, 2016 album Game.

The first song on the album is the promotional song “Black or White”.  I love the repetition of “Black or White” throughout the video, especially when it’s incorporated in the chorus.  The song itself is actually rather cheerful sounding, although the lyrics themselves are not.

There’s a definite dark undertone beneath the pleasant vocals. “Black Mind” was sung by Casper, Takuya, and Seyoung.  It’s far darker than the White Mind track, with lyrics like “the truth can’t be stopped” and “I have no future”.  It seems like in this song, they’re giving up on things and see no end to whatever it is they’re dealing with.  The song itself sounds similar to the first track.

“White Mind” was sung by Shin, Yongseok, and Sangmin.  It feels a bit out of place when comparing to the previous song, just in the sense that it’s far more peppy sounding.  The beats and synth noises make it a head-bobbing track.

Finally, the last track, “연애지침서” has beautiful saxophone playing behind the vocals.  This track is catchy as all hell, with a strong jazz feel.

Track List

01. Black or White (검은색 또는 흰색)

02. Black Mind (검은 마음)

03. White Mind (하얀 마음)

04. 연애지침서

Cross Gene Mirror Album Overview

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