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MIXNINE’s Winning Team May Not Make Their Debut

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According to a recently released article, it is very unlikely that the winning team of MIXNINE will actually make their debut.

Originally, there were discussions about putting the winning idols into a 3 year contract, which is out of the norm for idols who are already contracted to other groups and companies. Based on the discussion, last month a regular meeting was held where they reassessed the 3 year contract.  The contract’s terms would allow the idol to work for the group for 6 months of the year, and remain with their original groups or other activities for 6 months.

Various agencies opposed the plan and requested a reassessment.  The group was supposed to make their debut in April of 2018 and promote for only a short time.  During the promotional time, they would release an album and even potentially perform overseas.  The program’s ‘failure’ lead to the reevaluation of what the terms were.

The Fair Trade Commission revealed that there were unfair terms in the contract  for appearances and management for the idols on this program and made the ultimate decision to invalidate the contract.

It appears that the winners of MIXNINE might not get a chance to debut.  At the moment, no further information or comments from the agencies is available, so stay tuned.

MIXNINE debut cancellation


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