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MIXNINE reveals official rankings in first mission and perform “Just Dance”

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JTBC’s MIXNINE held the first official showcase on V-Live on October 28, 2017.  In attendance were all 170 trainees, BIGBANG’s Sengri, Zion. T, BLACKPINK’s Jennie, and YG Entertainment Yang Hyun Suk.

Overall, there were 98 female trainees and 72 male trainees.  They completed their first mission during the show case by performing “Just Dance”.  This video gives viewers their first view of all of them performing on the stage.  The guys begin the performance with the girl group’s performing across from them.  The initial group is rather small, but later in the video all contestants are visible.

When the performance completed, the trainee’s ranking groups were revealed.  Voting was 50% audience and 50% judge panel.

The male debut group consisted of Kim Hyo Jin, Kim Guk Heon, Kim Byung Kwan, Choi Hyun Suk, Song Han Kyum, Kim Min Hak, Kim Hong Joong, Lee Dong Hoon, and Jo Young Ho.

The male class A consisted of Kim Dong Hyun, Mizuguchi Yuto, Chae Chang Hyun, Lee Chang Yoon, Lee Chan Dong, Kim Min Suk, Han Jong Yeon, Kim Sang Jin, Son Jun Hyung, Jung Hyun Woo, Lee Byung Gon, Kim Hyun Jong, Song Min Ki, Lee Chang Sun, Hiyama Kazuhiro, Lee Ha Bit, Choi Jong Ho, Lee Roo Bin, Park Min Gyun, and Moon Jae Yoon.

The male class B consisted of Kim Hyun Soo, Woo Jin Young, Kim Jin Hong, Kim Han Kyul, Shim Jae Young, Baek Jin, Hwang Yoon Sung, Lee Gun Min, Kim Dong Yoon, Manny, Ma Jae Kyung, Woo Tae Woon, Im Young Joon, Yoon Jae Hee, Kim Joon Gyu, Lee Jae Joon, Kim Sang Won, Shin Jun Seob, Park Hyun Gyu, and Yo Myung Myung.

The male class C consisted of Kim Young Jo, Lee Seung Joon, Moon Young Seo, Kim Young Jin, Jung Woo Young, Jin Sung Ho, Kim Sung Yeon, Jo Yong Geun, Kim Joon Hee, Jung Seung Bo, Yoon Yong Bin, Kim Sang Yeon, Jo Han Gook, Lee Jae Joon, Kim Seung Min, Shin Joong Min, Jung Sung Cheol, Kim Jae Oh, and Park Sung Hyun.

The female debut group consisted of Lee Soo Jin, Jung Ha Yoon, Choi Ha Young, Kim Young Seo, Yoo Jin Kyung, Kim Hee Soo, Kim Shi Hyun, Kim Yoo Hyun, and Park Soo Min.

The female class A consisted of Baek Da Ae, Kim Yoon Ji, Park Hae Rin, Im Jung Min, Lee Yong Chae, Lee Soo Min, Kim So Ri, Choi Moon Hee, Kang Shi Hyun, Park So Eun, Choi Ji Sun, Kim Da Yoon, Kim Min Joo, Kim Hyun Jin, Lee Yeo Reum, Seo Yu Ri, Shin Ryu Jin, Jung Sa Ra, Baek Hyun Joo, Heo Chan Mi, Hwang Ji Min, Shin Ji Yoon, Kim Joo Yeon, Kim Min Kyung, Yang Hye Sun, Jo Yu Ri, Jeon Ye Im, Park Ji Woo, and Im Ji Hye.

The female class B consisted of Hwang Woo Rim, Jang Eun Sung, Lee Hyang Sook, Park Ga Eun, Lee Soo Hyun, Lee Si Yeon, Moon Eun Jin, Lee Bom, Jang Hyo Kyung, Lee Ji Eun, Kim Bo Won, Lee Yoo Bin, Bang Ye Sol, Lee Ye Sol, Jung Hee Jin, Ahn Da Bi, Baek Min Seo, Kim Min Ji, Yoo Ha Jung, Jung Ye Eun, Kim Yoon Young, Kim Chae Hyun, Song Ji Eun, Ahn Han Byul, Heo Young Joo, Im So Hyun, Park Hae Young, Baek Hye Jin, and Go Ah Ra.

The female class C consisted of Kim Hyun Jung, Nam Yoo Jin, Kim Soo Hyun, Seo Ji Heun, Choi Yoon Ah, Teramoto Yukika, Shin Soo Hyun, Kim Sung Eun, Ng Sze Kai, Ogawa Mizuki, Kwak Heeo, Lee Ye Eun, Jung Yoo Jung, Choi Soo Jung, Moon Seung Yoo, Park Eun Jo, Watanabe Rui, Park Cho Hyun, Hong Joo Hyun, Lee Ha Young, Kim Soo Ah, Han Byul, Go Jung He, Han Gyeo Wool, Sekioka Rena, Jeon Yoo Jin, Yeo In Hye, Jung Da Sol, Lee Seung Mi, and Shin Ji Won.

Stay tuned for more!

MIXNINE Rankings 2017

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