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Momo Coffee/Coffee 301 run by Monsta X Wonho’s mother is reported to be closing its doors

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Monbebe’s everywhere, especially Wonho stans, are beyond upset at the notification that came from Coffee301 (recently renamed from Momo Coffee) run by Wonho’s mother.

The cafe closed its doors for the final time on August 25, 2017 and released a note to fans thanking them for their support and love and informing them of the shops closure.

They will be hosting one last gift for all the fans on August 27, 2017 where they will be handing out tumblers and drinks with Coffee301 written on them.

There’s been no word as to why the shop is closing down, but fans are speculating it’s due to the theft of signed Monsta X memorabilia.

Stay tuned for more!

monsta-x-wonho_coffee301 mosta-x-wonho-momo-coffee monsta-x-wonho-coffee-301

We’ve been sent a link to the translation done by sensitivewonho – see below!

coffee301-monstax translation-sensitivewonho

Monsta X Wonho Mother


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