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MOMOLAND Review The Highlight Medley For Their Upcoming Return With ‘Fun To The World’

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Update June 22, 2018:

MOMOLAND reveal the highlight medley for their upcoming 4th mini album Fun To The World.  Take a listen to the short preview of their upcoming tracks below.


Update June 21, 2018:

MOMOLAND shared two new videos!  The first is the second music video teaser for their upcoming return with “BAAM” from Fun To The World, while the second gives us light-up envy.  The second clip has the girls wearing light up shoes and is the ‘shuffle dance’ teaser!

Watch them both below.

Update June 20, 2018:

MOMOLAND released the fun new music video teaser for “Baam” featuring the lovely ladies in more classic style clothing!

Check out the music video teaser for “Baam” below and stay tuned for MOMOLANd’s return with Fun To The World!

Update June 19, 2018:

MOMOLAND revealed their peppy cover for their upcoming return with Fun To The World featuring “BAAM”.  Check out the cover image below.

momoland-coverUpdate June 18, 2018:

MOMOLAND drops their track list for their upcoming return with Fun To The World!  The group’s upcoming title track is called “BAAM” and was produced by the same people who did “BBoom BBoom‘!

Check out the track list below.

MOMOLAND-Track-ListUpdate June 15, 2018:

Another stunning group teaser from MOMOLAND!  The ladies pose side by side in the latest image released for their comeback with Fun To The World. Check it out below.

momoland-fttwUpdate June 12, 2018:

MOMOLAND released more playful teasers featuring each of the members teaming up in trios.  They also released a beautiful group teaser!

Check out the teasers below.

momolandmomolandmomolandUpdate June 11, 2018:

MOMOLAND dropped the first wave of teasers since releasing their comeback scheduler and teasers for Nancy and Hyebin.  The new teasers feature the lovely remaining members, Yeonwoo, Jane, Nayun, Daisy, JooE, and Ahin!  Check out their fun teasers below.

momoland_fun_to_the_world-7momoland_fun_to_the_world-7momoland_fun_to_the_world-7momoland_fun_to_the_world-7momoland_fun_to_the_world-7momoland_fun_to_the_world-7momoland_fun_to_the_world-7Original Article:

After making a huge wave with their release of “BBoom BBoom” in January, MOMOLAND is planning on returning!

The group dropped teasers of Nancy and Hyebin along with a scheduler for their fourth mini album, Fun To The World. . The album is set to drop on June 26, 2018 and seems to be continuing the playful style of their previous release.

Check out Nancy and Hyebin’s teasers below and be sure to check out the scheduler and stay tuned for more teasers to release!

momoland1momoland-hyebinmomoland-nancyMOMOLAND Fun To The World Teasers


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