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Monsta X Is A Full 100 Seconds Of “Oh My” In Their 100 Second Choreography Clip

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Monbebe everywhere are rejoicing with the latest 100 second choreography clip released on Dingo Music’s YouTube channel!

The boys of Monsta X dance their way into our hearts with a full recap of some of their killer title tracks.  They start with “Trespass” and shift into “Dramarama”, all while showcasing their evolution and moves!  From “Dramarama”, they slide into the main portion of “Hero” and give fans a one-on-one snippets complete with cute expressions (and Wonho’s abs).  The door behind the opens and they slide into a room covered in flower petals for “Beautiful”.

The clip cuts away and the boys are then shown completely decked out in black for their latest track “Shoot Out”!

Each track has some level of importance to the boys; “Trespass” is their debut track, “Dramarama” was their first win”, “Hero” is their most popular track, “Beautiful” was the title of their first full album, and “Shoot Out” is their second full album’s title track.

Watch Monsta X in the Dingo Music 100 Second Choreography clip below.

Monsta X 100 Seconds


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