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Fan Project: Monsta X 3 Year Anniversary Love

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Monsta X‘s 3rd anniversary is fast approaching and Monbebe everywhere are preparing to share their love and joy with each other and the lovable boys.

Recently, a group we collaborated with a while ago to share their Monsta X fan project reached out to OSKP to promote a new fan project!  With Monsta X’s anniversary on the horizon, there are a variety of different things that can be done to support them.  This time, this group is focusing on unifying banners and profile images and spreading love with specific hashtags.

Now, what specifically do you do?

For Monsta X’s 3rd anniversary on May 14, 2018, spread love with the following hashtags:

For the social media shares, it doesn’t matter what platform.  Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and more are welcome. Share your favorite images, videos, or quotes!

While spreading the love and cheer with those, be sure to change your profile header and banner to the following images:

See the original posting below.

If there are any questions, be sure to contact @renezme24.

Monsta X 3rd anniversary project


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  1. Great project!

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