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Monsta X Go Straight For Monbebe Hearts With The Album Preview For ‘The Connect’

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Update March 25, 2018:

So far, Monsta X has previewed both “Jealousy” and “Destroyer” for fans, but that isn’t the entirety of the album!  The boys dropped their album preview filled with softer sounding songs than normal that are sure to win over Monbebes hearts.  Check it out below!

Update March 23, 2018:

The music video teaser is here!  The group dropped their black and white teaser for “Jealousy” and just like Minhyuk said in a recent V-live, it’s sure to inspire nose bleeds.

Check it out below.

Update March 21, 2018:

Monsta X released their track list!  There are going to be 7 intense new songs on the album.

Check out the track list below.

Monsta X The Connect

Update March 19, 2018:

Monbebes hold on to your wigs, this is about to be a bumpy ride.

The boys are bringing the intensity of “Dramarama” to their upcoming comeback with The Connect.  The music video prelude walks you through small snippets of the storyline the comeback is following while giving a small taste of the style of music they’re going for.

Check it out below!

Update March 17, 2018:

Monsta X closes out the second wave of teaser images with Hyungwon’s individual teaser and the group teaser photo for all members.  Both teasers are strikingly beautiful with a bright black and white theme.

Check them out below!

Monsta X The Connect Monsta X The Connect

Update March 16, 2018:

Kihyun and Minhyuk are the next two members to have their handsome teasers released for their comeback.

Monsta X The Connect Monsta X The Connect

Update March 15, 2018:

Shownu and I.M features in the next set of black and white teasers for Monsta X’s upcoming comeback with The Connect.  Once again, get ready to take a deep breath and calm yourselves, you’ll need it before these handsome photos.

Take a look at them below!

Monsta X The Connect Monsta X The Connect

Update March 14, 2018:

Monsta X must have thought fans survived the first wave of teaser images unharmed because they’re back with the second wave.  If you made it through the first unscathed, get ready, the second wave is a doozy.

The first two members featured in the second wave of teasers are Wonho and Jooheon looking breathtaking in black and white head shots.

Check them out below!

Monsta X The Connect Monsta X The Connect

Update March  11, 2018:

Hyungwon features in his teaser for The Connect.  The handsome photo shows the idol with a rather tousled look.  The second teaser features all of the members and him with DANGER tape.

Check them out below!

Monsta X The Connect Monsta X The Connect

Update March 10, 2018:

Jooheon and I.M are next up! Their handsome teasers are sure to take your breath away! Be sure to take a peek below! Also, Jooheon seems to have some sort of star or asteroid under his eye.

Monsta x the connectMonsta x the connectMonsta x the connect

Update March 9, 2018:

Get your second sense of Dejavu with the latest teasers from Monsta X!  This time around, we have Minhyuk and Shownu.  Both of them rock their individual teaser and their trippy combined teaser.

If you take a look at the bottom, it shows which ‘clock’ is theirs, confirming that each of he clock like items on their teasers represent the members.

Monsta X The ConnectMonsta X The ConnectMonsta X The Connect

Update March 8, 2018:

The first individual teasers are here!  The two members featured first are Wonho and Kihyun in three stunning images that include the text “Dejavu #1”. Check them out below!

Monsta X The ConnectMonsta X The ConnectMonsta X The Connect

Update March 6, 2018:

If you weren’t ready before, you better be now!  Monsta x revealed their scheduler for their comeback with The Connect.  The new album will be out on March 26, 2018, and according to the schedule, there is a jam packed set of teasers coming our way.  Check out the scheduler below and stay tuned for the first teaser on March 8, 2018.

Monsta X The Connect

Original Article:

Monbebes everywhere, get ready.  Monsta X is making a comeback!

The group is currently preparing for their second world tour and released their latest album back in late 2017.  It looks like they might have even more new material to present at their upcoming concerts!

On March 4, 2018, the group uploaded a surprise new teaser image to their social media accounts with the hashtag #The_Connect and the date 1803XX. So, we know it’s coming in March, but we don’t know when.

Based on the teaser, and the concepts they went with for The Code, we’re sure this is going to be rather fun.

Check out their teaser below and stay tuned.

Monsta X The Connect


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    yes monsta x i love these concepts pls do them more often !!

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