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Monsta X Release The Eye Contact Version Of Their Dance Practice For “Shoot Out”

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Update November 5, 2018:

Monsta X released the eye contact version of “Shoot Out”!  Check it out below.

Update October 30, 2018:

Not only did Monsta X secure their first win for “Shoot Out” on The Show, they also released the dance practices!  As always, the group features in the full dance practice and individual shots for all the fans.  If you think you can handle one video, try watching all 7!

Not only that!  The full dance practice features them in the sexy stage outfits while the individual shots are more casual.

Congratulations to Monsta X and Monbebe!  Watch them all below.

Update October 25, 2018:

Monsta X revealed the photo shoot for their music video “Shoot Out”.  Watch it below.

Update October 23, 2018:

Monsta X are an interesting mix of adorable and sexy in their relay dance for their latest track “Shoot Out”.  It’ll leave your head reeling when they give adorable grins while perform such suave moves.  Check them out below.

Update October 22, 2018:

The album has been release!  We repeat the album has been released!

Monsta X made their explosive return with Are You There? featuring the killer new title track “Shoot Out”.  The growls, the vocals, the spitfire raps; there’s so much about this new track that just screams amazing.

Watch Monsta X’s new track “Shoot Out” in the music video below.

Update October 21, 2018:

Monsta X released the highlight medley for their upcoming return.  Take a listen and get ready for the album drop.

Update October 19, 2018:

Fans thought they were prepared, but were they truly prepared for the beautiful new music video teaser for “Shoot Out”?  Watch it below and see if you come out alive!

Update October 17, 2018:

Monbebe’s everywhere are rejoicing as they see the track list for Monsta X’s 2nd full album, Take.1 Are You There?.

Why, you might ask?

There’s a Korean version of their Japanese track “Spotlight“!

“Spotlight” is paired with 9 other exciting tracks that the members took part in.  Wonho co-composed track 5 “Neol Hada, Jooheon co-composed track 9 “By My Side”, and I.M was a part of the composition of track 6 “What Are You Up To?.

Check out the track list below and get ready for Monsta X’s explosive return.

monsta-korean-spotlightUpdate October 15, 2018:

Monsta X drop a special new film for their upcoming return with Are You There?.  Watch it below.

Update October 14, 2018:

Monsta X release another incredible . batch of teaser images for their upcoming return.  Check out these below.

MONSTA-X-2018-areyouthereMONSTA-X-2018-areyouthereMONSTA-X-2018-areyouthereMONSTA-X-2018-areyouthereMONSTA-X-2018-areyouthereMONSTA-X-2018-areyouthereMONSTA-X-2018-areyouthereMONSTA-X-2018-areyouthereMONSTA-X-2018-areyouthereMONSTA-X-2018-areyouthereUpdate October 13, 2018:

Monsta X show off their visuals and style in the newest wave of teaser for their return with ‘Are You There?‘.  Check them out below.

shownu-wonho-jooheon-monsta-xjooheon-monsta-xwonho-monsta-xshownu-monsta-xkihyun-minhyuk-monsta-xminhyuk-monsta-xkihyun-monsta-xi.m-hyungwon-monsta-xi.m-monsta-xhyungwon-monsta-xUpdate October 11, 2018:

Not only did Monsta X release some stunning new photos of Hyungwon and IM, they also blew our minds with all 7 members in two new group photos.

Check out all the teasers below.

monsta-x-2018monsta-x-2018monsta-x-2018monsta-x-2018monsta-x-2018monsta-x-2018monsta-x-2018monsta-x-2018Update October 10, 2018:

Jooheon, Shownu, and Wonho continue to slay Monbebe hearts with their new hair colors and sexy expressions in the latest batch of teasers.  Check them out below.

Prepare yourselves!  OSKP is not responsible for heart palpitations.

monsta-x-shownu2monsta-xmonsta-xmonsta-xmonsta-xmonsta-xmonsta-xmonsta-xUpdate October 9, 2018:

Minhyuk and Kihyun are out to slay Monbebe around the world with white and black themed duo teasers for the group’s upcoming return with Are You There?.  After these teasers, we might be there, but it’s going to be from the afterlife!

Check out the gorgeous teaser images below.

2-kihyun-areyouthereminhyuk-2-areyoutherekihyun-areyouthereminhyuk-areyouthereminhyuk-kihyun-areyouthere2minhyuk-kihyun-areyouthereUpdate October 8, 2018:

Monsta X released the schedule for their upcoming return.  The album is set to release on October 22, 2018, but there are going to be all sorts of teasers until then!

Check out the scheduler below and stay tuned for the teasers to start pouring in.

MONSTA-X-2Original Article:

Monsta X released a new teaser video for their upcoming return with Are You There?.

The group surprised fans with a new video teaser for their upcoming return and certainly left fans at the edge of their seats.  The teaser features various symbols that eventually align to form “MONSTA X”‘s name.  According to various announcements, the second full album, Take.1: Are You There? is set to release later this October.

Check out the teaser video below and stay tuned for more.

Monsta X Are You There Teasers


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