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Monsta X belts their hearts out in the car karaoke version of “Dramarama”

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Monsta X just made their comeback with The Code featuring the epic track, “Dramarama“.

As part of their promotions, they were on Dingo Music’s car karaoke for the track!  There’s so much going on in the video, it’s hard to tell where you should start.

First, the guys surprise Minhyuk with a sweet birthday song, which he bashfully thanks them.  Then they sing their hearts out!

With Kihyun belting his heart out, Shownu and Wonho rocking out, Hyungwon singing while Jooheon calls out ‘Sexy Guy H.One”, and more, it’s hard to catch it all in one clip.

Other highlights for this clip include “WONHO OPPA”, which had to be translated in all caps for best effect, and I.M’s beautiful high note.

Check it out below and be prepared to laugh hysterically.

Monsta X Dramarama karaoke


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