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Monsta X celebrates 2nd anniversary and sends a beautiful message to fans

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Monsta X made their debut 2 years ago now after the elimination show, No Mercy.  They celebrated their debut anniversary by sending a sweet set of messages to their fans!

Check out the (really really) rough translations of their messages below!monsta-x-2-year-debut-anniversary

Shownu –

To: Monbebe

Hi!  Congratulations on our 2nd anniversary!  Our debut, congratulating for our 1st anniversary… it all feels like yesterday, but it’s already out second year.  I think it’s really amazing.  When all of the members work hard and work hard for the Monbebes, the Monbebes always smiled and cried next to us, which is how we were able to keep going for the past two years.  Now, we will have our concert and tour and there will be many chances to see each other ahead.  I hope that we all don’t get hurt and can have a good time.  I often think of our lovable fans.  I’ll finish up the second anniversary with that and let’s look toward a larger picture.  I love you!

Wonho –

It’s our 2nd year! it feels weird because it seems liek time is going by way too fast.  There were a lot of events, that’s why I think it feels like a longer time.  I’m always thankful of, sorry to, and loving our fans.  For a long time and forever!  I hope we can always be like that.

From Wonho, who always wants to give better things

To Monbebes, who are my sun and world

Minhyuk –

The times that we have laughed together have already added up to 2 years before we even realized it!  Smiling during cold, hot, cold, and hot days.  it feels like all of those happy days have passed by so quickly.  When 5 years pass by, 10 years pass by, I’m curious to see what that would feel like.  IO hope we will be able to share out thoughts and emotions then too!  You’ll do that, right?  I always like you.

Kihyun –

To Monbebe

Hi our Monbebes!  We’ve already hit 2 years.  Although we’ve had many really good and sad events during the past two years, the event I enjoyed the most was being able to meet Monbebes.  I always say that I want to be a singer that Monbebes can be proud of, but I’m not sure whether or not I was able to become one during the past two years.  You know I’m always thankful, right Monbebes?  Because of you, we are able to exist!  We will work harder to do even better in the future!  Thank you!

Hyungwon –

Before we even realized it, it was already out second anniversary.   This is a really meaningful time.  We were able to be together from our mini album up to our full length album, and in the future I hope that we are able to move forward together as we make albums one-by-one.  Because we do this together, I ask that you take care of us.  Let’s all continue to show our trust to each other in the future!

Jooheon –

I’m the kind of person who wonders every day how I can warm the hearts of the lovable people, who’ve cried with me and shared my emotions when I experienced my past life.  When I’m on stage, I feel lights turn on in my eyes as I feel the music and sweat while thinking of our Monbebes.  I am able to create music thanks to our Monbebes who cheer us on with all of their power.  Music changes me and Monbebes make me.

I.M –

I am I.M.  Do you know that we officially debuted on May 14, 2015?  Since then, 2 years have passed.  How have our Monbebes been during that time?  I was happy for each and every moment I was able to be with Monbebes, although there were many instances where I was smiling because I was happy and crying because I was sorry, those have all become memories.  The memories have become a flower that has blossomed over the past two years, and together we will make many more flowers that will blossom with my life.  I am always thankful and sorry.  Thank you for picking me up when I am tired.  I will become a singer you can be proud of, and although you guys say I’m good enough, I want to give back more to Monbebes.  I really love you.  Let’s be together more.


They also celebrated on a V-Live episode where they introduced their lightstick!  The episode starts out with some touching letters from one member to another, touching lightly on the good and bad they’ve been through in the past two years.  it’s followed by their lightstick celebration, where we find out that the lightsticks have bluetooth so that the control tower can control the color displayed during the concerts!

Letters are distributed from member to member as follows;

Hyungwon to Wonho

Wonho to SHownu

Shownu to Minhyuk

Minhyuk to Kihyun

Kihyun to I.M

I.M to Jooheon

Jooheon to Hyungwon

Check out the clip below!


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