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Monsta X chase each other’s tails in Monsta X No Exit Episode 6

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Monsta X is back to being their usual playful selves after the emotional hypnosis in Monsta X No Exit Episode 5.  Episode 6 takes place in a completely different area and this time around, the boys have to make their own challenges.  Given just yarn and balloons, they’re tasked with making two fun games that will entertain their fans, and they definitely do.

Their punishment for losing; giving 3 compliments and kisses on the head to a member.

In round 1, there’s just absolute chaos.  They have to repeat this one multiple times due to cheating and adding rules and each time around, it’s hysterical watching them.  Round 2 follows suit with the chaos and is probably the most entertaining.  The guys are paired in groups of 3 with a yarn balloon tail at the end.  As a unit, they have to smash the other team’s tail.  At one point, Kihyun was just being squished by the other members, which was hilarious in itself.

The challenges end with the punishment, which seemed far more painful for them than I would’ve ever thought!


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