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Monsta X closes out individual teasers with a powerful photo of Shownu and surprise group photo

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Monsta X just recently released the schedule for the repackaged album, Shine Forever.  They started off their teaser promotions with a shocking, and handsome, teaser image of a dark haired Wonho, then a light brown, almost blonde, teaser of I.M followed by a teaser featuring a teal/blue haired Minhyuk! They then released a rather bold colored teaser featuring a light haired Jooheon, followed by Hyungwon, wowing fans as usual, and Kihyun decked out in green!

They close out the individual photos with the group leader, Shownu, in a bold red leather jacket and powerful stance.  They also surprised fans with a group teaser showing just how bold the boys colors are and how much fans are excited for this repackaged album!

Check them out below!

monsta-x-group-photo-shine-forever monsta-x-shownu-shine-forever-red-leather monsta-x-shownu-shine-forever



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