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Monsta X compiles the outtakes for “Newton” into a new music video!

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Monsta X love to spoil their fans.  They recently released the Lipton Tea music video, “Newton”, and as much as we all love the music video, their latest release might rival that.

The latest is a ‘not good’ compilation of outtakes and various other clips compiled into a fun, jam-packed, lovely little package that has everyone smiling like fools.

While the scenes didn’t make it into the video, they do still show off just how lively the group is and how much fun they can have on the set of their music videos!

More often than not, the forward person in the shot looked fantastic and the group members in the back were being their usual, dorky selves, which is likely why the clips got cut.  As fans, we love those moments though!

Check it out below and leave them some love!

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