Monsta X debates on who the best actor is in behind the scenes footage of the acoustic “Beautiful”


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Monsta X hunts for the best actor in the behind the scenes footage of “Beautiful” the acoustic version.  Director Minhyuk guides and prods at the members to hunt down which member is the most skilled actor!

Each member expresses such sorrowful emotions in their clip, and they manage to do so without laughing too much!  Wonho’s crying was one that I felt was the most emotional, and even Minhyuk started to tear up during that!

Shownu and Wonho seemed to have a lot of fun in this one, since Wonho was dancing outside during Hyungwon’s shoot and Shownu ran up to him going “Oppa! Oppa!”.

Jooheon wins in the end and gets the MVP!

Be sure to watch the prologue episode here!