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Monsta X do nails and serve coffee in Monsta X-RAY 2 Episode 1

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Monsta X-RAY 2 is here and the boys are off on new missions!

This time around, there are no prizes for the winners, and based on reactions, the punishments for the losers are going to be so enjoyable for the fans, less so for the boys.

The first episode, which runs almost an hour long, features the boys splitting up into two teams to work two jobs.  During their shift, they get suggestions from other members that they have to act out or say and have keywords they need their customers to say.

Team Red is the cafe team and consists of Jooheon, Wonho, Kihyun, and Minhyuk.  Team Blue is the nail shop team and consists of Shownu, Hyungwon, and I.M.

Both groups are briefly shown how to complete their tasks, and the look of horror on their faces, with the exception of Kihyun who takes to it like a natural, is just so funny.

Check out the episode below to see which team takes the win, who the boys encounter, and what they have to do!


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