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Fan Project: 2018 Monsta X World Tour European Greetings

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Update August 15, 2018:

Brazilian Monbebes took up the task on behalf of Monbebe everywhere and were successful in their greetings! Take a listen below!

Original Article:

Welcome back to another special fan project!  A very lovely Monbebe on Twitter, @MXANAMonBeBe , reached out to our team with a sweet new project for European Monbebes to take part in for the group’s upcoming 2018 tour.

So, what is the project?

The special greeting project breaks down a way to show appreciation for the boys by greeting them in a similar manner to how they greet us.  Monsta X’s greeting, in romanized form, is “Hoo, Annyeonghaseyo, Monsta X Imnida“.  The greeting includes both a hand gesture, stomp, and bow.

The video below is a compilation of various greetings the group has done, and contains quite a few of their official greeting!

Now, what does that mean for fans?

As soon as the group finishes their official greeting, fans are to, as one, chant “Hoo, Monbebe Imnida“.  With that, the fans must also mimic the hand gesture, foot movement, and bow!  This greeting project is set to occur at the shows in London, Madrid, and Amsterdam.

Check out the details in the advertisement below.

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Monsta X European Fan Project


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