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Fan Project: Monsta X In Chicago Banner, Social Media Filter, And Photocard Fundraiser

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OSKP is happy to share another fan project!

Twitter user, @minheony, shared a project similar to the Monsta X in Newark project we shared recently. The project itself is run by the Chicago Team Beautiful and the overall goal is to gain enough funding for banners, glowsticks, bias hearts and more.

Some unique items featured in this project include a fanchant pack, Snapchat filter, and Facebook filter.  Also, provided the project meets approval and funding needs, they will be attempting to get a signed custom flag, food truck, and a cake.

So, what does that mean for you as a participant?

How can you participate?

Spread the word about the project and help raise funds through donations! There are 4 donations tiers, each getting their own respective items.

Tier 1: $5 includes a banner, a wristband and glowstick

Tier 2: $10 includes a banner, a wristband, glowstick, and photo cards,

Tier 3: $15 includes a banner, a wristband, glowstick, stickers, and photo cards

Tier 4: $20 includes a banner, a wristband, glowstick, stickers, photo cards, and a hand fan

If you would like to donate and not receive perks, you can do that too!

Donations are open until 06/30/2018 and funding can be sent to singlangl2@gmail.com through PayPal.

Check out the donation form for more!

Monsta X Fan Project Chicago Monsta X Fan Project Chicago

Monsta X Fan Project Chicago


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  1. xtinachengx March 31, 2018


  2. Mia Abigan April 1, 2018

    hoping this will be a successful project :>

  3. ff (@bfshyuk) April 2, 2018

    i hope this will succeed 🙂

  4. jooheontv April 2, 2018

    wow!never knew about this,thanks for sharing!!

  5. Hobie (@hobiee31) April 2, 2018

    Please support!

  6. stzgma April 2, 2018

    im supporting!

  7. Mardhiah Omar April 2, 2018

    How I wish I was born in Chicago~~ But I am still sending my love from afar to my boys!!

  8. Awww this is soooo cute, I REALLY hope this project works out monbebe.

  9. Maya95 April 2, 2018

    Always going to support my fellow Monbebes, I hope it all ends well 🙂

  10. wintersnow April 11, 2018

    Hope you guys support this project for monsta x!

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