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Monsta X gets bombarded by animals in Monsta X-RAY 2 Episode 2 and Episode 3

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At some point along the way, Monsta X learned that whenever their company makes things seem too good to be true in one of their series, it is.

This is no different!

They get to interact with animals, but not dogs and cats, we’re talking sly raccoons (who end up biting poor I.M in the unmentionables), gigantic Jooheon loving walruses, and some adorable monkeys that are just not wanting to cooperate!

Check out the episode below!

UPDATE: The boys continue their animal adventures in Episode 3 of Monsta X-RAY Season 2.  This time around, they are doing the final tasks, and in the end, a winner and loser are selected!

Minhyuk and Jooheon fall into their MC roles perfectly and work well with their lovely ladies. Wonho goes for food, Kihyun might have some perfectionist tendencies, and Hyungwon, well, he tries.  Shownu and I.M also find far more success this time around!

Check out Episode 3 below!


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