Monsta X is electric in their teaser for their Japanese debut trailers

Monsta X Hero Japanese Debut

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Monsta X isn’t letting off their crazy schedule!  They just released their first full length album, The Clan Part 2.5 The Final Chapter – Beautiful, with the amazing title song, “Beautiful”.  They’ve been performing like crazy and working full force on their promotions, and now we have a teaser for their Japanese debut of “Hero”!

Monsta X Hero Japanese Debut Monsta X Hero Japanese Debut

What more can we ask for?

Well, besides a dance practice for “Beautiful”… and maybe one for “Ready or Not”.

The teaser is filled with bright colors, lasers, and some intense contacts!  These boys are going to bring it hard when they do debut in Japan.

Stay tuned for the release on May 17, 2017.


  1. I love this concept so much! I’m glad they brought back Hero, I missed it tbh
    Looking forward to this release, it’s gonna be iconic <3

  2. DEAR MONSTA X, TAKE A REST PLEASE! OH MY GOD, CAN YOU GUYS STOP MAKE MY HEART DEGEUNDEGEUN?? They’re all so awsome in their lastest comeback, how if they become more awsome? What will happen to my poor heart?? ?? And also, 17th of May is just one day before my birthday! Last year they released ‘All In’ on my birthday, and this year they’ll debut in Japan with ‘Hero’? Urghh, Monsta X you have to take a responsibility if I got a heart attack in May 17th!

    • Haha, we can’t have you having a heart attack! You’ll miss their next comeback. At the rate they’re going, it’ll be even better than this one!

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