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Monsta X is truly “Beautiful” in their Japanese music video

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Monbebes, it’s finally here!  The Japanese version of Monsta X’s killer track, “Beautiful”.

The video is just as amazing as the Korean version, with handsome closeups, purely visual scenes, and flowers galore.  The song sounds wonderful translated into Japanese too!  Not to mention the fact that they recorded this with their “Shine Forever” hairstyles.

Check out the music video below!

If it’s not available in your country, please don’t worry!  It’s available for watching here!  The user was incredible enough to take pity on those who had no access.

Check out some of the still shots below.


monsta-x-beautiful-japanese-wonho-2017 monsta-x-beautiful-japanese-2017-shownu monsta-x-beautiful-japanese-2017


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