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Monsta X Drop Their Dance Practice For “Jealousy” With Individual Cams

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Monsta X are once again spoiling their Monbebes.

The group released their dance practice for “Jealousy“, and not only did fans get a sleek full group dance practice, but individual cams as well!  Now, you won’t have to rewind the clip and rewatch it again and a again with your face against the screen!  The lovely individual cam focuses straight in on your bias!

Watch the dance practice(s) below!

Full Group








Monsta X Jealousy Dance Practice


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  1. Monbebe_092703 April 6, 2018

    These are so awesome! Monsta X spoil Monbebes indeed! ?♥♥♥

  2. They all did so great ?

  3. Val Monbebe April 6, 2018

    Monsta X is incredible! I love everything they do, they are so beautiful, good people, super talented and love Monbebe. Fighting!!!!

  4. i love my boys so damn muchhhhh!! they always did great no matter what! i promise that i’ll grow by their side where they always grow everyday tooo ? i really hope that monbebe will work hard as hard and as dilligent as monsta x and will grab 2nd win for our precious babies!! ????

  5. ELFMonbebe April 6, 2018

    Kihyun is so hot…but I.M is SOOOOO HOOOTT <3

  6. Mardhiah Omar April 6, 2018

    i watched each video twice.. I’M TOTALLY SPOILED BY THEM UWU I FEEL LOVED <3

  7. Thais Vicari April 6, 2018

    my lord

  8. ul? (@draumarama) April 6, 2018

    THEY ARE ALL SO GREAT I LOVE THEM SO MUCH. I was waiting for this !!

  9. I love them so much❤

  10. danver270007 April 6, 2018

    So beautiful ??? they’re very handsome even if they wear casual pants. I loved their disk ??

  11. Alicia Chavez April 6, 2018


  12. Luxores April 6, 2018

    Fighting Monbebe and Monsta X

  13. Aveline D April 6, 2018

    The dance was so smooth I FEEL ATTACKED

  14. Evesei April 6, 2018

    Monstaaaaaa x <3 as always sooo energetic, talented and sexy :p

  15. this is such an amazing choreo seriously

  16. wintersnow April 11, 2018

    my heart is full <3

  17. Alondra Alfaro April 13, 2018

    just one of many reasons to love them even more ! uwu

  18. I love that they always give us individual cams! I can focus on everyone and look at the differences ^^
    They are all so good!!!

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