Monsta X Live cover of Sober

Shownu Hyungwon Wonho Monsta X

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We’re back with another radio session featuring everyone’s favorite, Monsta X.  In this clip, Wonho, Shownu, and Hyungwon show off their skills while singing along with BigBang’s “Sober”.

Wonho showed a bit of the rasp I expect from rock singers, which was a cool change of pace.  Shownu is just too precious for words.

Hyungwon…. please never stop.  That was absolutely adorable.  Between his constant dancing and surprising rap (though he forgot to breathe), he really threatened to steal the show.

The three of them were definitely feeling the song as they bobbed back and forth, then ended up jumping up and down at the end.

Video Credit: KBS KONG

Monsta X Sober Big Bang