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Monsta X head to the middle of nowhere for Monsta X No Exit Broadcast Episode 1

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I feel like we’ve been waiting forever for the first true episode of Monsta X No Exit! It really hasn’t been that long, but it went by super slow.

The Monsta X boys are out in a rural area and have to do various tasks to make it through this broadcast.  First up, an easy one where they have to imitate pictures.  The amount of cute little heart poses is a bit ridiculous, in a good way of course.  Second, they split off into smaller groups to do their various tasks.  Some boys end up fishing, and are actually a lot better than expected!  The others sneak their way to a coffee shop instead of just getting groceries and end up forgetting to buy sweet potatoes!

What a crime!

Miss the prologue? Watch it here!

Check the episodes out on their V-Live Channel and be sure to leave them some hearts!

Monsta X No Exit Broadcast Episode 1


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