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Monsta X No Exit Broadcast Ep. 2

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The Monsta X boys are back in the second episode of their V-Live webseries, No Exit.  In this particular episode, they’re totally starving!  Remember the food they bought in episode one? Well, they’re finally going to get it.

Sort of.

Turns out, despite them forgetting the sweet potatoes, the staff bought them, but they come at a price.  Each of the members goes up individually and selects three items, and the boys have a plan.  They can’t seem to stick to it, but they have a plan!

They finally get their items, but their cooking attempt is a fire disaster.

Eventually, they manage to make some edible food, and Minhyuk even guys and cooks the fish he caught early on!

I swear, they could probably be bribed for most things with the promise of food.

Miss the prologue? Watch it here!

Miss the first episode? Watch it here!

 Check the episodes out on their V-Live Channel and be sure to leave them some hearts!


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