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Monsta X open up their official website!

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Monsta X now has an official website and it looks pretty damn good!

The site contains videos, their schedule, and the most important thing of all, a shop for all the Monsta X merch you could possibly want!  Fans have been waiting a while for this, so stuff is probably going to sell out quick!

Check it out!

Monsta X E Website Monsta X E Website

I’m not sure about Android users, but there is a mobile iOS application in the store as well!


Monsta X Official Website


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  1. Ajhyoseob March 3, 2017

    I already download the app on my android phone and i did it to log in… im so excited wait our mx f9r comeback soon.. lovelove monbebe ??

    1. Oh good! It is available for android and ios! I’m so excited for their comeback. I wish we had a date though!!! D:

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