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Monsta X plays with toilet paper in Monsta X No Exit Episode 7

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In Monsta X No Exit Episode 6, the boys ran around with various items making their own challenges.  They continue that same theme in Monsta X No Exit Episode 7, except this time around, all they have to play with is toilet paper.

Yes, toilet paper.

The boys sit down at the beginning of the episode and come up with a few challenges they can complete with just using toilet paper. Kihyun is nominated by Wonho to lead the challenges, and lead he does!

Challenge number one is launching a single piece across the room, as best they can, with just a cushion.  The boys are split into two teams by Kihyun; the Stong Team with Wonho, Jooheon, and Shownu, and the Weak Team with Hyungwon, I.M, and Minhyuk.  The boys are quite creative with their launching methods, but none of them are super successful.  They look like they hurt themselves more than anything!  I.M is just a special cookie in his launch.

The second challenge is keeping a piece afloat without touching it.  Team scuffles are allowed in the first round, but the other rounds each member focuses on their own team.  Somehow, their screams reached octaves that I wouldn’t expect from them…

The punishment is just hilarious, and poor Hyungwon might need therapy, or at least he claims he does, to get through this.


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