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Monsta X plots, sneaks, and torments in the Monsta X-RAY 2 Episode 4

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If these boys could sell their own mother in this episode, they might do just that!  In Monsta X-RAY 2 Episode 4, the boys are given roles, much like their previous season and tasked with gathering enough money through challenges to win the ‘modern boy’ party

Instead of a Jooheon dog, we have a Wonho soup, which is hysterical since he spends the entire episode walking around with various peppers and onions on his shirt. Shownu plays a older woman once again, Minhyuk plots like normal, and Kihyun spends his time nagging, in the best way possible.

The entire episode is full of plotting, sneaking, betrayal, and hilarious roles that just make it all the better.

Check it out below!


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