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Join in on the Project 1096 Monsta X Anniversary Celebration

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Monsta X Project 1096 Anniversary Fundraising Project

Project 1096 is pulling people from all over to help celebrate Mosnta X’s 3rd debut anniversary on May 14, 2018.  Now, that may seem like a long ways away, but time goes quick, and I’m sure everyone would benefit from seeing these lovely boys on the big screens.

Project Goal

Fund enough to put the group’s pictures on the Nasdaq Tower screen in Time Square (New York City) for 5 minutes each hour for a week.   We’ve seen various artists whose fans have worked together to get their images up there, so why can’t we?

To get to their goal, the group is working hard to advertise the project.  They’re accepting donations, selling fan goods, and will be hosting regional lotteries.

GOAL: $10,000 USD

How to help

Preferably, donations for Project 1096 will be made through PayPal and will be accepted until May 1, 2018.  Send donations with the ‘friends and family’ option if possible.

If PayPal is unavailable, the following sources are able to accept donations and pass them on:
Brazil: @monstaxbr
Singapore: @Official_MX_sg 
Malaysia: @MONSTAXMY
Paraguay: @MonstaxParaguay

Thankfully, sending donations isn’t the only way to help this project reach its goal, there are also fan good!

Current fan goods available:

project-1096-monsta-x-sticker Project 1096 7-Member Sheet Sticker Set ($5USD)

Newton water bottle (10 left as of September 6, 2017, get them while they last) ($15USD)

Buy both at discounted price of $19 USD.

Coming soon:
Monbebe Project 1096 Water Bottle
Project 1096 Slogan T-Shirt
Monartist Fan Art Laptop Sticker and Button Set

If you reside in the U.S and have PayPal, want the items quicker, or don’t have a GO manager in your region, orders can be placed directly.
Direct: @Project1096MX 

Orders can also be placed with GO Managers
US: @tinybabylion
Europe: @MonstaXEurope 
Brazil: @monstaxbr
Singapore: @Official_MX_sg 
Malaysia:  @MONSTAXMY
Phillipines: @ChangkyunIsLife 
Russia: @monstax_russia

Payments are split into 2 sets.  The first is the price of the item, the second is the shipping cost.

Contact Information

Twitter: @Project1096MX

Email: project1096@yahoo.com

Disclosures and weekly status updates can be found here.

Thanks to @Project1096MX for reaching out.  Also, be sure to check out their Twitter for the latest updates.  Join the Monsta X Project 1096 Anniversary celebration!


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