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Monsta X-RAY 2 Episode 5 is probably their best episode ever

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Monsta X is known for being fun, conniving, and all around little brats to each other in their web series, but the latest episode of Monsta X-Ray 5 takes the cake for the best.

Between Minhyuk’s deceit and Jooheon, Shownu, and Wonho tricking others into paying for them, there’s no end the ot pushing and shoving these boys do to win.

Despite everything, they seem to enjoy themselves, with most of the episode being laughter!  Part of what stood out the most, and what’s definitely worth a second glance, are what the boys do while they’re not the contestant in the spotlight.  When eliminated or just waiting on the sidelines, they do weird, hilarious things.

Wonho as a pineapple made the episode and let’s pray for poor Hyungwon and his damaged family jewels.  Jooheon really steals the show in this episode.

Check it out below!

Special Update: All the best pineapple filled scenes from the latest episode!

Credit: @hellowonho_

UPDATE: Check out the amazing photos from this segment!

monsta-x-ray-modern-boys-shownu monsta-x-ray-modern-boys-shownu-woman monsta-x-ray-modern-boys-jooheon-beggar monsta-x-ray-modern-boys-minhyuk-sneaky monsta-x-ray-modern-boys-minhyuk monsta-x-ray-modern-boys-shoecleaner-hyungwon monsta-x-ray-modern-boys-kihyun monsta-x-ray-modern-boys-jooheon 091755995_17 monsta-x-ray-modern-boys-minhyuk-im monsta-x-ray-modern-boys-shownu- monsta-x-ray-modern-boys-MC-wonho monsta-x-ray-modern-boys-minhyuk0 monsta-x-ray-modern-boys-jooheon-banana monsta-x-ray-modern-boys-group


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