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Monsta X-RAY 2 Episode 6 (and 7) challenges us with some lovely lady Monsta X members

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In the latest episode of Monsta X-RAY 2 Episode 6, some of the members become lovely ladies for their special drama!

This episode is more of a behind the scenes clip where we see the filming of and small snippets of the drama.

Stay tuned for the next week where they actually show us the drama!

UPDATE: We’ve decided to combine Episode 7 into this post because it seems wrong to separate the drama!

Despite the fact that the boys, especially dear Wonho,  struggled to keep a straight face, they did a wonderful job in the drama!

Highlights of this include the blurred bars when the boys forgot they weren’t wearing pants, Shownu’s manly actions, and Kihyun getting slapped by everyone and their mother.  Quite literally.

I.M. was probably one of the most convincing ladies I’ve seen so far!

The end of this episode will have you smiling, and for some, crying.  It’s close to the end of X-RAY Season 2, with one last episode remaining, and to commemorate it, our favorite boys got to meet their favorite boys!

Check it out below!

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