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Monsta X challenge BTOB in Monsta X-Ray Episode 4

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Unfortunately I don’t have subs for the 4th episode of Monsta X-Ray, but to be honest, it doesn’t need it!  This video is absolutely hilarious even without being able to understand it.

Let’s go over a few highlights –

Minhyuk wearing women’s frilly gloves and rocking them was probably the best part

The boys doing that knee challenge just looked like it was going to permanently damage certain part of them.  Not to mention the fact that you have someone else’s bony knees poking yours! Talk about a major ouch!

The dance competition… BTOB, thank you for getting fully decked out in those outfits! It was absolutely hilarious and you totally rocked them.  Although, I.M with the underarm hair was pretty close as a second.

Overall, it was great seeing these two groups interact, especially considering BTOB was debuted in 2012 and Monsta X only came into the scene in 2015, so there is an experience and age difference!

Check out the previous episode here!

Monsta X-Ray Episode 4


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