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Monsta X plays with children for Monsta X-Ray Episode 5

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There was nothing in and of the previous Monsta X videos that prepared me for the level of cuteness of them dealing with possibly the most adorable children in all the world. Seriously.

I loved how all over the place Monsta X-Ray is.  From acting like daughters-in-law to taking care of kids for a day, it’s really a random series, but that’s the charm of it!

They all started off so awkward with the kids, except Minhyuk who is an absolute natural.  The kids were a bit wary at first, but each of them seemed to find the child that suited them most!  Shownu’s was probably one of my favorite since his little guy was so standoffish but ended up a total lovebug.  The look on Shownu’s face after was just beyond adorable.  Wonho fitting into that play thing brings back some traumatizing Chuckie Cheese memories, but itwas cute seeing the kids bond with him because of it.  Hyungwon and his little koala were almost like twins.

This was probably one of the cutest K-Pop series I’ve seen so far.

Video Credit: hanlightsaberxx

Check out the previous episode here!

Monsta X-Ray Episode 5


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  1. 이삐야 (@pocarz) March 12, 2017

    THIS EPISODE SO CUTE AND FUNNY! I love the kids who staring at shownu but didn’t say a words at the end he give peck and hug shownu. The cuteness level 99999!?

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